Tuesday, 22 September 2015

LP Artwork: Sammy Davis Jr Sings the Complete "Dr Dolittle"

The 1960s saw some rather unusual releases and, with hindsight, it leaves music lovers wondering how they ever came to be. One example is Sammy Davis Jr's rare album - Sings the Complete 'Dr Dolittle' - which he recorded in 1967 at the famous Olympic Studios in Barnes, London.

The film musical was inspired by the series of children's books written by Hugh Lofting. Indeed, Dr Doolittle first appeared in the author's illustrated letters to children which he wrote from the horrors of the trenches during World War I.

The album turned out to be the singer's last collaboration with arranger/conductor Marty Paiche and, judging by the results, was a labour of love, nurtured by his friendships with, and utmost respect for, the songs' composers, Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley.

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